Thursday, October 09, 2014

More indications on who promoted extremism in our society!!!

The news yesterday that Newcastle court refused to release an ignorant man on bail for yelling at Muslim women and asking her to “go back where she came from” is deeply troubling. The authorities’ harsh dealing with such minor common assault could have deep negative impact and no positive outcome. The hate of Muslims could gain more ground if seen that authorities are siding with Muslims against the majority of citizens.

Many Muslims, including myself, would also ask thousand questions in this regard. One of these questions would be about the authorities’ extreme lenience in dealing with crimes committed for the last 3 years by Muslim extremists against other fellow Muslims who were seen not to support the extreme interpretation of Islam. Why authorities did not arrest any extremist in crimes committed in relation to Syrian crisis? Why extremists who shot Ali Ibrahim (Feb 2012) were not caught until now? Why extremist who physically attacked me May 2013 in front of Channel 7 cameras was not arrested for even one hour and his sentence was not more than good behaviour bond for 12 months, despite its deep religious hate nature? Why extremists burned down shops, threatened mainly Shia and Alawi Muslims were never caught and brought to justice??

It seems that authorities have deep secret agendas, even in arresting criminals.

When I received chilling messages of threats to kill me and rape my kids (August 2012), authorities did not move to arrest perpetrator. No one was jailed. No one needed to apply for bail.

Now, authorities are flexing muscle on people who committed minor assault, when they ignored major assaults and violent activities. Ignoring such major assaults and violent activities encouraged extremists to radicalise youth, recruit extremists, send them to fight in Syria and commit violent attacks against people they disagreed with them on their extreme interpretation of Islam.

We do not think that yelling at woman is more serious crime than punching people, burning houses and businesses or shooting people in front of their kids.

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