Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Abbott’s government budget: ideological goals, not financial slowdown

Tony Abbott and his government try to deceive all of us using argument about government’s debt and financial slowdown to achieve old ideological agendas. The government is hiding the truth about the status of Australian economy as one of the best performing economies (if not the best) amid the current financial slowdown.

All this is just to continue the neo-liberal agenda started by Howard’s government. Let us put everything in its perspective.

John Howard’s government tried to destroy the Medicare in 2003. (Read: How Howard plans to destroy the Medicare system http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/04/06/1049567563641.html ). He, then, was met with strong opposition, even from within his own MPs. Ironically; Tony Abbott was minister for health in Howard’s government during his attempt to destroy the Medicare. So the attack on Medicare is not related to the economic slowdown. At that time, 2003, the Australian and global economy were flourishing and there was no financial needs to destroy Medicare. All was about reversing the decreasing numbers of Australians taking up private health insurance and declining profit for these insurance companies.

The attack on welfare system is not also related to financial slowdown. It was John Howard who introduced all “reforms” in our welfare system. From “reforming” Disability Support Pension determination and review to introduction of “mutual obligations” principles. Of course do not forget the “Work for the Dole” program and all other “reforms” including demanding mothers to look for work when the youngest kid turns 6 years old.

So nothing to do with global financial slowdown or the increasing government debt. It is all about ideological neo-liberals agendas to Americanise our system by destroying workers rights and privatise public assets.

But the most important question is: How does Tony Abbott guarantee that this catastrophic budget and “reforms” will not end the chances of re-election of his government?

Tony Abbott believes that he can repeat the legacy of his mentor, John Howard, who despite all his attacks on poor and marginalised, succeeded to stay in power for more than 11 years.

But Tony Abbott should be totally mad not to observe the difference between current circumstances and the circumstances during Howard’s rule.

During Howard’s days, the Australian (and global) economy was flourishing. Howard could always convince people that despite these attacks, his government was able to maintain good economy and strong employment. He could deceive all of us that he is genius when it comes to economy management. When in fact, his management of the economy was disastrous and most of Australians missed out on the benefits of golden era of economical growth. He was just lucky to come to power with mining boom and global economical strong growth.

This is not the case with Abbott’s government. No doubt that global economy is suffering for the last few years serious slowdown. This has negative impact on Australian economy. These negative impacts being felt in all sectors and at all levels in Australia.

So when Howard could divert Australians attention from his vandalism of our socio-economical system by claiming that he is brilliant in managing the economy, how would Abbott divert the marginalised attention?

In times of financial hardship, especially on poor and marginalised, how Abbott’s government can win any heart by introducing more burdens on them and find them no economical solutions for their needs?

In a time when large numbers of Australians cannot find shelter on the top of their heads, how would they react to government that wants them to pay for local GP’s visit or to public hospital?

In a time when 10,000 Australians lose their jobs monthly, how would this government expect Australians to accept hike of petrol prices that will skyrocket the cost of living?

Tony Abbott should be either totally mad. Or maybe he is so genius that he could see beyond all of us.

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