Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pictures of Khaled Sharrouf’s son: why the big fuss?!!!

Australian terrorist has allowed his son to hold cut head of Syrian soldier. Then he posted these pictures on Twitter. The whole world started to talk about such horrific scenes. I can understand why. But one with deep knowledge of the Syrian crisis would ask: why the big fuss in this case particularly?

For the last three years, we saw worse scenes than this. Did we forget the video of Syrian “revolutionists” allowing small kid to use knife to cut the head of Syrian soldier? (See the photage on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zupfv6Lds6U, posted Dec 2012). Should I attach here more links of crimes committed by kids recruited by takfiris/revolutionists in Syria?

So what is the difference? Why the whole world is talking about this crime only?

I note that the only difference is that the kid this time is Australian. He was born and raised in Australia. He went to Australian school. He was taught “Australian civilised way of thinking”. He was our neighbour. He was shopping in our Woolworths and Mayer. So the head in his hand could be a head of anyone of us...

On the other hand, was our media thinking that it is normal for Syrian kids to be barbaric, for the photage of Syrian child cutting head of Syrian soldier not to attract any attention? Or there was different agenda and expectation.

The tons of photages of barbaric activities of takfiri “revolutionists” (including recruiting kids-soldiers and allowing them to cut heads and shot civilians) did not attract any attention among our media and politicians.

On the contrary. Our media and politicians were clapping their hands and raising their hats for such crimes by describing them as “heroic revolutionary acts to topple a dictatorship” to the point that one Greens politicians told takfiri audience that she was “inspired by Syrian revolution”. The same “inspiration” was expressed by other Labor and Liberal politicians.

But single picture of Sydney-born kid holding cut head of Syrian soldier made this whole fuss in Australia and around the world!!!

It is very clear that the Australian authorities who supported the activities of these monsters had different expectations and agendas. And this is why they are acting like this now.

First I should mention here that the Australian authorities are directly and indirectly responsible of the latest crimes committed by Khaled Sharrouf, his son and all Australian terrorists fighting now in Syria and Iraq. The Australian authorities allowed this extreme terrorist ideology to grow in Australia. Australian authorities allowed these terrorists to travel to Syria. At different stages, Australian authorities offered blanket cover to protect these terrorists by claiming that they are in Syria for “humanitarian aid missions”. The terrorists appeared on TV stations (especially our SBS) crying for the Syrian blood and encouraging Australians to participate in the crimes in Syria in the name of “protecting revolution against dictator”.

Our politicians attended fundraising dinners used mainly to fund terrorists travelling to Syria and carry some of their crimes there.

And now they are tearing their hair and raising alarm.

It seems that our politicians, media and security agencies thought that the outcome of the Syrian “revolution” would be different.

Did they think that these terrorists will succeed in overthrowing the Syrian government and establish their own Islamic/takfiri regime? Then these terrorists (I mean Australian terrorists) will never come back to Australia. They would love to stay and enjoy the Islamic state “freedom”.

But now they are facing the grim reality: the Syrian government will not fall apart. And so the majority of Australian terrorists will return home.

And this is why the chaotic dealing with pictures of Khaled Sharrouf’s son holding head of Syrian soldier after his father cut it.

Let us hope that our authorities and politicians have plan B.

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