Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Open letter to ABC: I do not want my share of commonwealth to be wasted on brainwashing and recruiting terrorists

Your report today at 12 midday news is no more than a propaganda piece to help Al Qaeda terrorists. I have watched the report with much disgust and disbelieve.
1- You did not mention why the Syrian army and Hezbullah fighters are blockading the town of Madaya. You did not tell the viewers that Madya is controlled by terrorists of Ahrar Al sham, an organisation affiliated with Al Qaeda terrorist organisation.
2- You mentioned that there were 28 deaths because of hunger, without giving viewers one name of these victims. It cannot be believed that whoever counted the numbers of dead people does not have one name of a victim, unless the whole issue is mere lie.
3- You showed for more than 2 minutes the suffering of Madaya, but failed to show the suffering of Fouaa and Kafraya, currently besieged by terrorists in the northern parts of Syria. We cannot believe that ABC is concerned about the lives s of terrorists (and their families), but has no concern about the lives of of totally innocent people in Kafrya, being besieged only because they are Shia.
4- ABC had showed comments from terrorists, supporters of terrorists and US representative in UN about what is happening in Madaya, but you failed to seek or quote any comment from the other side. Al Manar TV, for example, had produced professional and well-documented series that refute all lies by terrorists and their supporters that were circulated freely on your network for the last few days.
5- I can provide your network of well-documented reports that all previous aid sent to Madaya was stolen by terrorist leaders and were either given to terrorists or sold for people who can afford.
6- Your network did not mention that the whole talks about Madaya town are coincided with the current peace talks that will be held in Vienna about the crisis in that country. You failed to notice that the lies about what is happening in Madaya could be a propaganda tool to pressure the Syrian government and its supporters in these negotiations.
It is deeply disappointing that your network had come to aid well-known terrorist organisation. Can you tell us how many Australians will decide to go and fight in Syria to help terrorists after watching your continuous false reporting on this issue?
I do not want my share of commonwealth to be wasted on brainwashing and recruiting terrorists. And I will communicate my wish to Australian government.

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