Why AFP refused my FOI application...!!!

The AFP refusal to release a document they provided to the Australian embassy in Lebanon on 4 November 2015 about an AFP investigation which lead to my ban from entering Lebanon, raises very serious questions:

1- Why has the AFP chosen to convey this document to Lebanon only?
If I’m allegedly under investigation for serious matters, why did the AFP not notify other agencies such Interpol and asked other countries to refuse my entry? If I am too “dangerous” to enter Lebanon, would I not be “dangerous” entering Jordan or Egypt?
2- Why did the AFP let me leave Australia knowing very well that I would be stopped in Lebanon? Clearly my travel documents stated where I was going. If AFP already knew about the ban initiated by their agency, why make me go through the great effort in travelling all the way to that country to just get refused? This little petty game played by AFP caused me extensive financial losses.
3- I have never been subject to any AFP investigation. AFP is merely lying...
4- Was it an AFP initiative to provide false information to the Lebanese authorities or the request came from higher? Was AFP pressured by elements in our government? Could it be they acted upon request of some politicians who have been embarrassed by my work on radicalisation and Syrian crisis?
5- Why is the media deadly silent on this gross abuse of power by AFP who is targeting a respected member of society only because of his political view?

We will start a public campaign on “political targeting” using police state powers. We will make this an issue of public interest during this election’s campaign. In the meantime we are getting legal advice in Australia and we are also waiting on a deliberation from the Lebanese Supreme Court to release the document.

I contacted my local MP Jason Clare, who declined to help. I also contacted the PM office and the office of Craig Lundy, MP for Reid. All declined to meet me and help clarify this issue. I understand this is a result of their political views in support of the Syrian “revolution” that is in odd with my views on this “revolution”. Again this will be highlighted in our campaign in the next federal election. We will ask voters to vote away from these politicians who conspire with foreign powers against respected member of their local community.

I am deeply disappointed that the dozens of journalists who worked with me and my group for the last few years on the issues of radicalisation are now hesitant to cooperate with me on these highly important issues.

I am in the process of assessing our level of cooperation with these journalists in the future, especially now that we are expecting good news from Syria. This news will enable us to lead a major project in Syria that will have a great public impact in Australia. In light of the above, we are assessing and will decide which media outlet will get the right to cover our upcoming project.


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