Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump’s win: lessons on how to defy media and lobby groups

Just one day before the US presidential election, the Channel 7 journalist in USA was vending clear lies about the presidential race. The journalist declared that “all minorities had abandoned Trump” referring to the last minute rally attended by Trump. Funny thing when stating this, you could clearly see that the crowd in the background were more women than men. There were more Latinos and other coloured people than white. There were also a lot of Muslims.

I was sure that Trump would win. The media frenzy was a clear indication that faceless forces were on their way to be defeated. This is why the lying had intensified in the last few days. The last opinion poll, for example, indicated that Clinton’s chance of winning had mounted to nearly 90%.

I suddenly remembered how Tripoli (Libya) fell. It succumbed under the rubble of media lies and deceptions. Qatari based Al Jazeera broadcasted everywhere that Tripoli had fallen to “opposition” 24 hours before any NATO soldier set foot in the city. The announcement of the fall of Tripoli had a huge impact on the Libyan army which was there to defend the city. Thinking that their “regime” collapsed and not wanting to face their fate, they immediately abandoned their posts.

The same trick happened during the US invasion of Iraq, 2003.
The strategy was to me clear: supporters of Trump will feel betrayed and defeated, so they will not go to vote. And Hillary will win.

I will talk about the lessons we need to learn from Trump’s win, and apply these lessons here in Australian. We need to learn these lessons to break free from the same “faceless” forces that are keeping us in a political deadlock.

These faceless forces are maintaining the status quo by using the “divide and disgruntle” policy.

The real forces of change have always been defeated and have been left feeling helpless thanks to media blackout, constant attacks by institutions and deprivation of funds (public and private).
The consequence of such attacks would result in either abandoning such ideas and join one of the regressive forces or simply stay silent and give up.

It’s hard to believe that our two longest serving PMs Robert Menzies and John Howard, were also the dumbest. Instead, one of the shortest serving PMs was the great Gough Whitlam. This could not be achieved without the practices of faceless forces who manage all the affairs in this country and around the world.
Between 2013 and early 2015 I had the media chasing me for interviews and seeking comments on different news issues. At one stage, when I stopped answering their calls, the media showed up on my doorstep. I was always happy to be available and answer any questions.

In 2015 I ran in the NSW state election. I thought that with all my media contacts I could easily gain a considerable number of votes. I naively thought that in return for all the help I had given them in the past, they would help me get my message through to the public.

Immediately before the election the media blackout was total. My campaign could not get any message through any media outlet. Even local and ethnic media implemented a total blackout.

Even Channel 7 with whom I had worked very closely shut its channels of communication. Not even after providing them with all the information and breaking news stories, they were unable or unwilling to return the favour.
The total media blackout affected our fundraising efforts and the result was clear on polling day.

I mentioned Channel 7 as they were very active in promoting Pauline Hanson and helped her in the 2016 election.

As we know now, Channel 7 deliberately invited Pauline Hanson several times prior to 2016 Federal Election and conducted extensive media interviews with her. Not only this. Chanel 7 paid Pauline Hanson large sums of money in return for her appearance on their programs (especially on popular Sunrise). This money was used to finance her election campaign.

Pauline Hanson was the perfect candidate to be presented as a “changing force”: unintelligent and without a real agenda. Even her claim of fighting against Muslim extremist has just been talk and not action. I contacted her many times to offer my help but still to this day I have not received any communication from her.

The same faceless forces so desperate to shut our voice since 2007 threatened to sue us if we continued our campaign to boycott the NSW election.

Since 2007 we have been under constant attacks of various nature such as vandalism, physical attacks on our volunteers, death threats and even going as far as conspiring with a foreign power to limit our movement around the world. The public has a right to know and would be interested in finding out how much effort was put in to conspire against the strongest voice fighting extremism in our society. The media has kept this quiet. Any individual at this stage would just think it’s too hard and give up the fight. This is exactly what faceless forces want.

Without the help of the media especially Channel 7 Sunrise, there was no chance of Pauline Hanson returning to politics and getting elected.
One time I talked to former Labor heavy weight Laurie Ferguson, about the rising forces in Australian politics (like the Greens party). He told me word for word “we allow these forces to grow to certain size as good decoration for democracy”. This is why the faceless forces prefer to allow Pauline Hanson and Greens party to grow, but not us. We proved to them that we will not accept to be just a decoration for democracy. The Syrian crisis made them confident of this. When all political forces accepted the CIA lies about Syrian “revolution”, we were the only dissent.

Now back to Trump’s win. The faceless forces tried their best to defeat him: media blackout of his messages, media lies about him, opinion polls fabrications and no donations from big corporations.

So how could he defeat them?

Simple answer: he took matter in his own hands.
With $100 million campaign budget, he managed to get his message to the US voters through unconventional ways. Campaign workers, social media, paid ads and staged rallies and forums. He exposed the system managed by unelected faceless forces.

We believe Trump’s win will send a chilling message: change is possible.
But we need to be persistent, stubborn, well-organised and able to get enough funding. What we are witnessing here is a glimpse of hope. The seed has been planted. We just need to persist with getting the message out through social media exposing the lies and conspiracies of faceless forces working against us.

Orison Swett Marden once wrote: “the more one sows, the greater the harvest “.

Would Australians believe that the authorities and other organisations of faceless forces conspired against the most vocal anti-terrorism campaigner to try and break the growing movement? Details soon...

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