Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The terrorist’s crimes our media did not expose: the magic of Syrian “revolution”..!!

Syrian “revolution” is an amazing phenomena. I can claim easily that what is before Syrian “revolution” is totally different than what is after it.

Before the Syrian “revolution”, Australian politicians were united against the word “revolution”. They were united against Egyptian revolution 1952, Palestinians revolution, Lebanese resistance, Iranian revolution, Chi Guevara anti-imperialist revolution, Nicaraguan revolution, Cuban revolution....

When Syrian “revolution” started, all our politicians quickly fell in love with this “revolution”. Not only this. Politicians volunteered to fundraise for this “revolution”. They risked their jobs by running election campaigns in support of it.

Many members of parliament refused to meet with constituents, victims of supporters of this “revolution”. Member of Blaxland and Watson, for example, refused to meet with Ali Ibrahim (shot in his legs by “revolution” supporters), Michael Naji (whose shop was burned), Ali Al Isawi (physically and verbally assaulted and lost his shop under gun threat by “revolution” supporters) and the writer of this piece who was verbally and physically assaulted for 3 years by hundreds of “revolution” supporters.

The effect of the magic of this “revolution” does not stop with politicians. It goes beyond.

For the first time in Australian contemporary history, our law&order agencies stopped hunting the extremists, supporters of this “revolution”. Instead of spying on them and gather all information needed to arrest them and send them to jail, these agencies were siding with them against the law abiding citizens who fell victims of their violent activities.

And do not forget about our media. The media that was largely spreading Islamopghobic sentiments for the last 2 decades, suddenly became silent on Islamists’ crimes. The media that did not spare any minor incident involved or committed by Muslim or somebody looks like Muslim to stir Islamophobic sentiments, suddenly with the Syrian “revolution” magic became Muslim friendly.

Media had refused to highlight the sectarian tension created by radicals supporters of Syrian revolution against all rivals. We deeply believe that if media was actively talking about these crimes from early 2012, radicalisation would not have reached the current high and alarming level. Media’s silence on this tension and related crimes, enabled authorities to keep its complacency with supporters of this revolution.

Let me talk about recent example.

Recently, our media reported for one day only about shocking crime happened in Melbourne. Extremist Bassam Raad killed his wife and cut her body into pieces and dumped these pieces in the park. He savagely bashed his kids, threatening them not to talk about what they had witnessed. Our media reported this incident as an ordinary criminal activity.

Media did not tell us why terrorist Bassam committed this crime. Media did not give us any hint about the real story. We needed to count on Lebanese media to get the full story.

Al Jadeed Lebanese TV visited the family of his wife in Lebanon. The satellite TV got all details needed to disclose the real motives behind this horrendous crime.

Al Jadeed TV revealed that Bassam Raad is a well known ISIS member. He killed his wife after she refused to travel with him to Syria to join ISIS in killing innocent Syrians. There are conflicting reports that Bassam actually was one of the terrorists who returned recently form fighting in Syria. He came back to Australia to convince his wife to go with him to Syria.

Our media not only did not run the full story, but it refused to run proper full story.

After I became aware of the full story, I contacted many journalists who were cooperating with us in past on similar stories. I provided them with the full story, with supporting evidence from foreign media, including respected media outlets like RT, AL Jadeed TV, AL Mayadeen TV and others. For some reason, no journalist showed any interest in following the story.

The superficial reports ran by our media about these shocking crimes, stirred further Islamophobia. Australians had been fed again and again with Islamophpbic sentiments that Muslims are violent and can cut their wives into pieces for no reasons.

We believe that media lack of proper coverage aimed to protect Syrian “revolution” from further damage and exposure. The media refused to run real story to stop any linking between Syrian “revolution” and domestic terrorism, especially if we can get some confirmation that Bassam was in fact a returned terrorist.

Why does Syrian “revolution” enjoy such high immunity?

More to come on similar stories. We will not keep one stone unturned until we expose the reality of authorities and media’s complacency with terrorists....

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