As a Muslim: I am also disappointed by the Australian community

After Australians refused to hear her talks on regressive Sharia Laws, Jassmin Abdel Magied resorted to her usual rhetoric: accuse all who oppose her sick claims to be Islamophobe.

Jassmin wants Australians to swallow, without any argument, that her Sharia Laws are the most feminist laws in history. Problem is, Jassmin has not told us which Sharia Laws she endorses.

Is it the Wahhabi Sharia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Sudan style?
Is it the Shia Sharia, similar to Iranian society?
Secular Sharia like in Egypt, Jordan and most of the Muslim countries

Jassmin who chose to visit countries that enforce repressive Sharia Laws (Saudi Arabia and Sudan), needs to convince me as a Muslim before trying to convince non-Muslims, how Sharia Laws are feminist? These claims are laughable and I will not debate them here.

Not only I’m disappointed with Jassmin and all her extremist supporters but I’m also disappointed by the Australian system and society.

I am deeply disappointed that Australia has allowed extreme Muslims to flourish. Where suburbs like Auburn and Lakemba are ruled by extremist thugs.

I am disappointed that the Australian government has poured millions of tax-payers money to support extreme Islamic organisations and allowed them to spread their extreme version of Islam in our society.

I am disappointed that Australia has not cracked down enough on extreme ideologies that promote underage marriage, polygamy and support for extreme jihad (both locally and overseas).

I am disappointed that our authorities are giving extremists like Jassmin full air and space as a representative of Muslims, while shutting down genuine moderate Muslims.

I am disappointed that Jassmin and other extremists can receive millions of dollars travelling to spread extremism, while moderate Muslim organisations are refused grants of less than $5000.

I am disappointed that both authorities and media have never really promoted an intelligent and factual debate on Sharia Law. It should have been allowed for people who lived under Saudi Sharia Laws to voice their personal experiences and the reality of the oppression and discrimination.

Lastly I am disappointed that Australian authorities have not helped Jassmin to voluntarily remove herself from this secular democratic society so that she could enjoy the privileges of living under Saudi Sharia Laws.

This of course does not mean that Australia is free from Islamophobia, racism and discrimination. But not the Islamophobia Jassmin talks about.

Of course we all condemn any attack on Jassmin or any other community member.

The same courtesy wasn’t extended to myself and other members of the Muslim community who were attacked by Wahhabi extremist. I guess that for Jassmine, we were not the “right kind” of Muslims.

It is the time for the ABC (especially) to stop supporting extremism.


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