Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Iran's President call to wipe out Israel from the map

With the intense debate about Iran's president's comments (which is again were taken out of context, as usual) none of the leaders of the “free nations” dared to remember the quotes from Israeli leaders over time, which called for destruction of Palestine and Palestinians, destruction of neighbouring countries and urging to disregard the international laws.May be Iran's president called for the urgency of destruction of "Israel" as disgrace phenomena in the contemporary history, but the Israeli leaders were carrying out their declared and undeclared objectives of destroying other states. In the process to achieve this, they totally disregarded more than 70 UN resolutions - what a wonderful "democracy". Yet “Israel” dared to call for expulsion of Iran.
Iran to date did not violate any of UN resolutions. It did not and does not occupy any other nation's land. It also does not, till now, possess any weapons of mass destruction.
We need here to remember that Israel is possessing 300 - 400 nuclear heads (according to Vanunu) and tons of stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons.
What a hypocrisy!!

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