Multiculturalism in Australia - written on 18 July 05

I am sick to death of been inforced to answer stupid questions every time I meet new person, who will discover after hearing me speaking odd accent that I have beard and mostache and odd name.
I am sick to death of confirming that I am Muslim after such an event, which will lead to cycle of the person been "alarmed and alerted" after knowing this fact.
I am sick to death to explain all the time that though I am Muslim, but I do not go to mosque, do not fast Ramadan and do oppose women's genital mutilation.
I am sick to death to be "victim" of the same people who calim to be "clever, progressive and secular", but still asking me "Are you Muslim?"
I am sick to death of poeple pretending to "understand my feelings", then to hurt the same feelings that they understood!.
I am sick to death of all this and want all of you to know this, so that if I tell you at some stage that I do not believe "you" and ask you to stop bullshitting, to understand why.
I want to tell you this so that next time I ask you to go out for coffee with me, please ignore me.
When I ask you if you understand, tell me the truth.
When you ask me to explain, expect me to explode.
When you start bullshitting, expect me to leave.
When you expect me to understand, remember that anyway you don't.
So, please ignore me from now.


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