The reasons behind Australian absence from Gaza free campaigns:Please donate to send strong contingent to Gaza

It is very strange that Australia is absent from international efforts to lift Gaza blockade for the last 4 years. Despite the many big mouths among politicians who remember just before elections that Gaza is under siege (especially in the Greens party), their representation in international efforts is nearly nil. All this despite the big resources they have in form of tax-payers money they get because of the increasing Muslims and pro-Palestinians voting for them.

On the other hand, the efforts by Muslim community and its “leadership” was not more than collecting some money and send them to other organisations who has presence in Gaza. Even the one Muslim organisation that has office and workers in Gaza, they are very “shy” to participate in international efforts to lift the siege.

In this instance we should differentiate between aid efforts and efforts to break the siege.

The first is not more than shy efforts to temporarily relieve the suffering of some Gazans by colleting aid and send it there to be distributed to needy people.

While the second is aiming to highlight the crime conducted against Gazans in form of the illegal and inhumane blockade. The organisations participating in these efforts are not aiming mainly to deliver aids. They aim to break the siege by creating momentum against the blockade.

So the difference is very big.

The Muslim and community organisations were engaged only in aid efforts. The reasons why they did not participate in breaking siege efforts are complex. Some of these reasons could be because the Muslim community is having such weak and increasingly corrupt “leadership”.

Other reasons are related to the above mentioned one that made the community feel very scared and targeted by the government and media, with no true leadership to defend them. They became happy only to donate some money to be sent through Australian organisations, as safe way to not be blamed of supporting Hamas and so supporting “terrorism”.

This is why we in the Social Justice network decided to break this cycle of fear and ghetto mentality by coming forward and declaring that we will this time support the break – the – siege efforts.

We need your help. Your donations will help us send strong message. At the moment, we have registered to send one activist and half van full of supplies to go to Gaza with Viva Palestina 5. We need your help to send another one or two activists and more supplies to Gazans.

To follow the progress of our efforts, money collected and the main donors so far, please go to our website

Please participate in making history. And if you need more information, please give us call on 0404 47 272 and discuss with us any idea or enquiry that you may have.

Thanks and jazakum Allah khairan. Remember that Gaza people are not only defending their rights and land. They are defending humanity against the barbarity of the contemporary history. They deserve your small contribution to help them in this noble mission.


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