Saturday, March 19, 2011

Muslim “leaders” urging community to vote Liberals: Community’s interest on sale!

The elections usually are the best time to hold politicians and political parties accountable for their actions or lack of action. And usually lobby groups take the chance of elections to demand actions on issues they believe need attention or changes.

But the actions of some of the Muslim community “leaders” defy all these trends and norms.

When the Liberal party started promoting racism and Islamophobia, we thought that Muslim community “leadership” will demand strong actions to discipline this out-of-control racist party. We thought that the Muslim community “leaders” will declare open war on this party by all means.

And with the latest Liberal party slurs against Muslim community by demanding banning Muslim migration for ten years. And with the latest media leak about the Liberal party strategic plan to mount attacks on Muslims in Australia in their bid to win the next election. We expected that the Muslim “leadership” will cut all ties with this extreme party.

But we were devastated and shocked to see that few Muslim “leaders” and organisations are advocating Muslims in NSW to vote for the Liberals.

Strategically, this exposes the naked truth that the Muslim community has no leadership. Or maybe the community has either naïve leadership. Or maybe corrupted one that is ready to sell the rights of the community members in return for promises to increase funding to these organisations.

The result of the next election in NSW will be crucial to prove or disapprove these assumptions.

If the Muslim votes increase for the liberals, this would simply mean that we deserve what we get.

If the votes to the Liberals will increase after the islamophobic slurs by Liberal leadership, no political party in this country will care about us and about our feelings or rights.

The Liberals will have clear proof that Muslims are so naïve and disorganised. The Liberals strategists will recommend attacking Muslims in full strength in all coming elections. This will not only win them the racist and extreme votes. But it will win them the votes of Muslims, too.

The Muslim community “leaders” (if there are any of them) are proving day after day that they are very naïve. They do not have any strategic planning to win the community some of its lost rights. Or they are very easily to be bought.

We do not advocate the Muslim community members to be segregated from the rest of the society. But we want the community to know how to vote in a way that would stop attacks on its members and attacks on their contributions and achievements in this great nation.

In this election, the community needs to send strong message. The community should punish the political party that regards it as rogue community of criminals and extremists. It should also send message to other parties that neglect and disregard its interests. This should include voting away from all parties that use the community as numbers in polling boxes.

We can see that neither of the political troika of Labor, Liberals and Greens is caring about our feelings, interests and suffering. If they do not care about us, why we should care about them and give them more power?

The history will judge harshly any “leader” who sells the interests of his community for any increase of funding to this organisation or to that one.

The community needs and interests should come first.

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