Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The death of Wikileaks party

We can debate for hours and days about the results of last Saturday’s WA senate by-election, their significance and future implications on Australian politics. Except for the results of one political party: the Wikileaks party.

How would anyone dispute the straightforward results of this party?

The official results for Wikileaks party (so far) is that it got around 6000 votes (0.6%). This is a reduction of 40% of its results in last year’s election.

But this is not the end of the story.

This election the Wikileaks party secured number 1 on the ballot paper. It is well-known that there is something called Donkey-votes, where deeply dissatisfied voters just vote by crossing 1 in the first box on the ballot paper. In senate, this would usually mount to 0.5% (ie 5000 votes in WA). In lower house seats, it usually mounts to 1%.

This means that Wikileaks party indeed got only 1000 votes, despite the local TV and social media advertisements.

Last election, the Wikileaks party got around 10,000 votes, without the Donkey votes.

But the story of this party’s disastrous results and practices are deeper than this.

Originally the Wikileaks party was standing in opinion polls on 21% early 2013 (http://www.themonthly.com.au/blog/roy-morgan-research/2013/06/11/1370907445/new-polling-shows-assanges-wikileaks-leads-new-partie). But with the disastrous organisational decisions taken by the Assange-Shipton junta of building secretive organisation that has no regard to basic democratic processes in any political parties in any Western democracies, the real results were reduced to 1% in the last election.

But the Assange-Shipton junta did not learn the lesson. Instead of departing their disastrous decisions and style, they went even further. And after their farce of demanding resignations of the National Council members to enable Assange total control of the party, the party lost the last straw of credibility. This is why they struggled to get more than 1000 votes in the last Saturday’s WA senate by-election.

Hey Assange-Shipton: time to issue the death certificate of Wikileaks party!!!

The Assange-Shipton junta has very good sense of humour. Instead of issuing the death certificate and deal with its consequences, Shipton is on tourism tour in the Middle East... as they have no political agenda of this tour.... unless they have secret non-political agendas....

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