The night Wikileaks met with extremists: what was the outcome/deal?!!!

At the beginning of last March I received phone call from John Shipton, the father of Julian Assange and CEO of Wikileaks party. He asked me about “Sheikh Fidaa Al Majzoub” and if I know him. I told him that I know him very well, since 2008. John told me that he was contacted by the sheikh seeking meeting with representative of Wikileaks party. The sheikh insisted to meet with John as soon as possible.

Talking to John, I understood that the conversation/s between him and the Majzoub was/were lengthy and in details.

I told John what I know about the sheikh, who was mentioned by name by Syrian information minister Omran AL Zubi to be “leader of rebels who kidnapped and raped hundreds of women in Latakya rural area”.

Many conversations followed about the possible meeting between John and the sheikh (and some extremist supporters).

I did not object for Wikileaks party’s representative/s to meet with these people. But John should not go to meeting alone. I discussed this with John and with other Wikileaks party active members. John agreed to go to the meeting with one of the active members/supporters.

The role of active member is to be witness in case agreement of any kind reached between two parties. It is also more professional for any respected political parties to have more than one official/active member present at any meeting. This will perfectly serve the “transparency” goals of Wikileaks declared political agenda.

The meeting was scheduled to be Friday 7 March. Please remember this date very well. Keysar Trad supposed to pick up John from Yagoona train station at 7 pm. Then both will go by Trad’s car to a restaurant in Greenacre to meet the rest of the extremists (including sheikh Majzoub).

I thought that I was successful in convincing John to call Keysar and apologise for changing the arrangements. John supposed to go with Mamdouh direct to the restaurant and meet the extremists group.

At last minute, John called me and told me that he will go alone and briefly meet the group... and no need to bother Mamdouh.

And he did exactly that.

After midnight of that day, I received phone call from John telling me that Julian wants to suspend the work of the party and demanded that we all (John, Gail and myself) to resign as National Council members to pave way for Julian’s group from London to take over.

With the stress of the whole saga, I forgot about the meeting with Keysar and the rest of extremists. Our work was focussed on salvaging the party and tries to neutralise Julian and his father’s monopoly on the party.

On Monday 10 March, there was meeting to finalise details about fundraising dinner for the mission to Syria. Members of the committee asked me about the outcome of John’s meeting with Muslim extremists. I asked them to direct their questions to John himself.

John claimed that the meeting was only with Keysar Trad. He claimed that there was no discussion in that meeting. He claimed that Keysar wanted to meet him to take photo with him so that he can claim that he met the father of Julian Assange and post the picture on his Facebook account.

Now and after month of events, let us try to examine what really happened between John and Keysar and his associates of extremists.

So Sheikh Fidaa Al Majzoub was chasing John for meeting for more than a week and then he did not attend that meeting!!!

And Keysar Trad attended the meeting with John and discussed nothing with him, instead he asked for picture with Julian’s father!!!

And then in the same night, John and Julian attempted coup inside the party to get rid of me and regain full control of the party!!!

Can a young child in year 2 believe this!!!

Let us go back to Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

Is it also coincidence that the launch of Julian Assange’s popularity was on Al Jazeera Qatari TV (in 2 interviews in Arabic and English December 2010,

Does this match with the fact that sheikh Fidaa Al Majzoub was member of the Istanbul Coalition of Syrian rebels financed by Qatar?

And what is the big coincidence that the meeting and attempted coup was on the eve of Saturday 8 March?

If there is no coincidence, meeting with Keysar could have happened week later of the John/Julian’s move to demand full control of the party... or even in different month altogether!!!

And why did John refuse the attendance of other Wikileaks party active members/supporters in this highly controversial meeting?!!!

John and Julian knew very well about my stance on Syrian crisis and activities that resulted in death threats and physical assaults. My activities and views were very public and broadcasted on many media outlets. So whatever they were told by Keysar or Sheikh Majzoub should not surprise them.

So what was really discussed by John Shipton and Keysar Trad (and his extremist associates) that led to the coup in the party?

Without leaks from Keysar Trad, we would not know exactly the truth. But we can speculate.

If we connect the dots, we can try to solve the puzzle...

Meeting between group that was accused of being CIA shopfront (Wikileaks group) and group of extremists financed by Qatar (agents of CIA) that led to a coup to enforce me out, will have one thing to discuss.

Did Keysar offer Qatari funding of Wikileaks (group and party) in return of this coup?
Or did he offer something else similar???

Did Keysar make any promises to help Wikileaks, on behalf of Muslim community and some Muslim/Gulf countries??

I call on both John and Keysar to come forward and enlighten Australians about the discussions and the dirty deal resulted from such discussions.

The last note on these issues: it seems that Wikileaks party does not care about politics and its political stance/achievements. Otherwise why its officials are insisting to participate in tourism tours to Iran and Syria during the WA senate by-election, while the party is crumbling and getting less than 6000 votes in WA senate by-election (despite getting the Donkey votes estimated to exceed 5000 votes)...!!!

This would lead us to believe that Wikileaks thinks that its infiltration attempts of Syria/Iran camp are more important than improving political stance and try to rebuild the party.


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