SJN to organise “International Tours of Peace” to Syria

After my successful visit as Social Justice Network’s representative to Damascus last week, the network decided to go ahead in organising the “International Tours of Peace” to Syria. The tours aim to achieve many goals:
- Enable Australians to fact-find the real situation in Syria and the feeling of Syrians about what is happening in their country for the last three years.
- Invite Australian journalists to accompany these tours and report live from Syria about the real situation there.
- Enable Australians who have family members and relatives to meet their family members and relatives after three years of extreme violence and inability to do so.

The network will coordinate with Syrian authorities to insure the security of participants and obtain appropriate visas. The network will also coordinate with Syrian authorities to organise program for participants to visit different areas in Syria. These areas will include historical sites, religious sites and markets. There will be also meetings with religious figures and political leaders.

The network expects that the first mission will leave Australia by the end of next July.

I visited Syria between 5 – 9 June to participate with Al Wafa European convoys in distributing food to needy people. I participated as observer and participated in distributing food in many areas including: Yarmouk camp, Sweida villages and Ghuzlanieh in Damascus rural area.

During my visit, I witnessed the devastating impact of violence on the lives of Syrians. The violence that destroyed the infrastructure and turned millions of Syrians into refugees in their homeland and abroad.

During my talk with ordinary Syrians, I clearly sensed their deep determination to come out of this crisis soon. They also have great determination to preserve the state and its institutions. Such determination that was seen clearly of the high participation in presidential election held early in the month.

To reserve your seat, you can contact Jamal Daoud on +61 404447272 or email


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