How celebrating extremists’ “achievements” could help de-radicalisation?!!

While the security agencies are struggling to contain the wave of radicals’ attacks and foiling potential terrorist actions, the performance of our politicians and journalists are not helping in any of these efforts. On the contrary. Our politicians, who are busy calculating measures to win in the next election, are sending the wrong message in all directions. The media also has different agendas altogether.

Following the latest terrorist attack on Parramatta police headquarter, which left one innocent man dead, the media reporting has been appalling.

All our media was busy reporting the incident as if it was a normal crime in the suburbs. No consideration was given to investigate deeply the seriously concerning aspects of this horrendous crimes.

Our media did not investigate seriously:
- How many Farhad Jabar do we have in our schools?
- The extent of extremism in our school and the negative effect on other students (especially the students who are the natural target of Wahhabi extremist student networks).
- What steps should be taken to neutralise students like Farhad Jabar.

The response to the terrorist attack was very deeply disappointing and served no noble target.

Our authorities were trying to soften their rhetoric on extremists and their supporters. Our PM even went to conduct many consultations with the “leaders” who were openly behind radicalisation of our youth for the last decade.

The media did a terrible job. Not one media outlet met with real experts on the issue. No media met with any community active member who campaigned in the last few years against extremism and documented all the efforts which lead to terrorist attacks. No media met with community leaders who were victim of extremist attacks to talk about the real radicalisation in our schools. The media opened its doors for the extremists to claim that there is no radicalisation and Muslim extremists are victims of media and political campaigns of Islamophobia.

Let me talk about the ABC, as a very clear example. On the Q&A program last Monday dedicated to extremism in our society. The program was so misleading that by the end it would actually have you believing that there is no extremism and no radicalisation anywhere.

According to Wesam Sharkawi and Greens Adam Bandt, the terrorists fighting in Syria are warriors and radicalisation is all down to marginalised youth in housing commission.

If I didn’t know better I also would have believed this.

But because I have witnessed first-hand the many vicious attacks perpetrated by extremists on Muslims who speak against them, I don’t fall for this act.

Too many are the accounts that have been bought to my attention from friends in the community. A few examples:

A friend’s son who attends Birrong High was bullied badly because he was a Shia Muslim. Another friend has a daughter who also is Shia was told by the religious teacher that Shia are not Muslims.
A terrorist who has recently returned from Syria has caused great fear for everyone living in that street. And these are just some example.

The major question we asked ABC was, why and on behalf of who they chose Wesam Sharkawi and Adam Bandt to talk about this important issue? What are their qualifications to speak on behalf of 600,000 Muslims?

Adam Bandt is a politician of a party that considers ISIS as freedom fighters. One of its senators asked media and authorities to stop calling ISIS members as “terrorists”. Adam Bandt is a member of political party that is struggling to keep its popularity on all issues, so they resorted to ally with extremists.

Wesam Sharkawi is a well-known person in Western Sydney who supports extremists. His work as a “teacher” does not give him any qualification to speak on this sensitive issue. His fellow religion teacher Mustapha Al Majzoub, was killed in Syria mid 2012 after he joined the terrorist group Jabhat Al Nusra. At that time the media, especially the ABC, was describing Mustapha Al Majzoub as a champion humanitarian hero. At the same time I was providing the media and the authorities with documents and testimonials to prove that he was a terrorist, the media chose to ignore the facts.

After 3 years, it seems that our authorities and media have learnt nothing. But this time, things are more serious and dangerous.

After 4 years of extensive radicalisation efforts at all levels, our society is saturated with extremists who easily can become suicide bombs in the heart of our suburbs. And the media and authorities response could make these ticking bombs imminent and very close to happen.

The ABC disregards the majority of Australians, especially Muslims. The ABC has no respect and does not live up to their obligations to tax-payers who pay the wages of their journalists and workers.

We need to take action now!

We will help any campaign to discredit this network. And we will help any campaign to ease the government efforts to privatise it. And we will help any campaign to expose the truth about this pro-extremists network.

We are currently discussing if we should refuse to participate in any program produced by this network.

In conclusion, as a Muslim, Wesam Sharkawi and his so called “Mufti” do not represent me. As a Muslim I do not blame the marginalisation of youth for extremism, radicalisation and terrorism in our society. This is nonsense!
I admit that we, as Muslims, have serious problems that we need to address as we have a large numbers of extremists who are ready to kill themselves and others.

We urgently need help from the Australian authorities to neutralise these highly dangerous elements.

Not in our name...


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