Letter to ABC: inviting extremists on your program will not help de-radicalisation efforts

Last time, you invited convicted terrorist to confront whole Australia with his deep radical views and allowed him to attack government's actions on extremism/potential terrorism. Your program has apologized to Australians on this gross mistake.

But tomorrow you will repeat the same mistake, or worse. On extremism, you have invited an extremist sheikh. For the last 4 years, you never presented Australians with real anti-extremist Muslim active member or leader. Though we have deep reservation on classification of "leadership", but according to current ad hoc classification, you failed miserably.

For 4 years since radicalization started to be very evident dangerous part of Australians lives since the shooting of Ali Ibrahim and the subsequent violent attacks, we note that you never invited secular sunnis who stood against Syrian 'revolution'. You also never invited Shia community leaders to represent Muslim communities on their views on the issues. You never came near inviting Alawi leaders too. It seems that your program had adopted Wahhabi extreme ideology on considering all these not to be Muslims.

The irony here is that few days ago I met 2 of your ABC colleagues who sought our help on relevant issue. One of the journalists told me how she is investigating the extreme actions of ......( one of the sheikhs you regularly invite on your programs). We were planning how to collect more documents to expose him. and now you are presenting him to Australians as representative of Muslims and part of the solution of extremism among Muslims.

I am sorry to tell you that your program and your network had became matter of national disgrace and embarrassment. I would like to communicate to you that subsequent to this, we will boycott dealing with your network at all levels......


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