Repeated terrorist attacks in Australia: I was right on terrorism...!!!

We, as citizens, have all rights to ask our authorities: why?

Why do we have this high radicalisation level? And why you cannot control it and cannot start successful de-radicalisation steps?

Before Khaled Sharrouf managed to leave Australia and reach Syria with no valid passport.

Before AFP admitted that they cooked the conspiracy with “community leaders” and foreign powers to ban me from entering Lebanon.

Before my local MP Jason Clare refused to meet me and other community members/victims of radicals’ attacks.

Before PM invited extremists to annual Iftar, while excluding anti-extremist campaigners from invitation.

Before authorities granted millions of dollars to extreme organisations to manage anti-extremism programs.

Before all this, I was trying to give our authorities the “benefit of doubt” for lacking any sense on these actions.

But the reality of things is very concerning. For me the real causes of radicalisation is very clear now.

When I was warning about growing extremism in the suburbs, the leader of NSW Liberal party was sending condolence letters to families of Australian terrorists killed in Syria.

When I was living in fear in my home, fearing attacks form radicals because of my anti-extremism campaigns; Labor leader was busy calling Syrian ambassador asking him to leave the country because Syrian army was fighting against terrorists including our own ones. Labor leader was busy supporting terrorists by calling on Al Qaeda affiliates to assassinate Syrian president as the only solution of growing terrorism in Syria.

When I was reporting to media about Wahhabi extremists’ crimes against Ali Ibrahim, Campsie police station officers were busy threatening me of legal consequences if I continued with these actions.

When I travelled to Syria in fact-finding mission and to promote peaceful solution for the conflicts, SBS and ABC were busy condemning me even before hearing what I will say about the situation in Syria.

When I was organising peace tours for journalists and peace activist to Syria, our security agencies were busy cooking conspiracies with foreign powers to cripple my ability to travel to Syria, through banning me from entering Lebanon.

When I was documenting Wahhabi crimes against local shop owners and peace activists, the Greens party politicians were busy calling for NATO to bomb Syria as the best available support for rebels-terrorists in Syria.

For all this, I feel very proud that I was right for the last 5 years.

I was right to consider Syrian “revolution” as Western conspiracy to get rid of unfriendly regime using terrorism.

I feel proud that I opposed this “revolution” and considered it to be the mother of all terrorist activities around the world.

And I am proud that I warned Australians that current authorities’ approach will not solve any problem. On the contrary.

Banning me from entering Lebanon, gave extremist “morale” boost that they still enjoy authorities support.

Refusing to grant our organisation a single dollar to manage anti-radicalisation program, is the wrong message to all directions.

Authorities insistence to invite extremists to activities and events on behalf of Australian Muslims, gives the extremists strong sense of power and influence.

In short, our authorities are on the wrong path and they need to change course. Before it is too late.....


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