Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Hey ASIO: Who ordered Australian banks to refuse dealing with me

Now I am banned from openning a simple Saving Account in any Australian bank. After walking with my wife into NAB Auburn branch last Thursday 3 May 2018 to open a simple Saving account, I walked out with no account. The application was refused, with no error to follow up. Only " application is still under processing".

I talked to NAB customer service on Saturday, and he was very rough with me and hang up on me after telling me that "there is no application under processing with our bank".

I tried to open Saving Account yesterday with other bank, and received the same message "application is under processing".

Then I recalled a lot of odd things happened to me and my family in the last 2 years, and asked myself "how could I became state's enemy number 1 to the point of refusing to allow me depositing money into a bank account?".

Let me remind myself of some of other odd things happened to me:

1- I was stopped at Melbourne airport October 2015 and was interrogated for around 1.5 hrs on why I am travelling to Syria, when in fact the same flight was full with extremists heading to fight in Syria. I was interrogated for no declared reasons.

2- AFP sent information to Lebanese authorities, which was resulted in banning me from entry to that country effective from Nov 2015. Well, the former operative of terrorist organisation Ananda Marga the academic with murky past and currently in bed with NSW Fascists and his gang distributed lies that I was banned from entry to Lebanon by Hezbullah.. when in fact:
- Hezbullah did not control the ministry of Justice at that time. So it had no power to issue such ban.
- The conference I was invited to attend was organised by group supporting Hezbullah. So instead of banning me from entry to Lebanon, they could just ignore inviting me to the conference.
- The attached document obtained under Freedom of Information from Australian Federal Police is a clear evidence that AFP played major role in this ban.

- There is no known coordination between Hezbullah and AFP. On the contrary, AFP considers Hezbullah as terrorist organisation and hunts its members in Australia.

3- Despite the fact that I and my group was the loudest voice against extremism in this country for years, such voice that could have cost me my life or life of one of my kids:
- we were never invited to any official consultations about extremism and ways to fight against it.
- Politicians (including my local MP) refused requests to meet them to explore how to deal with increased extremism in the area and how to face violence resulted.Until now, my local MP is refusing to meet with me, but still sending me invitations to vote for him in the election.
- After governments announced big spending on projects to fight extremism, no single funding application by our organisation was accepted. Even when we asked for $2000, the application was refused. On the other hand, extremist organisations were successful to secure funding of millions of dollars.

4- Despite the fact that I reported to NSW police countless death threats, was subject to physical and verbal attacks regualrly between 2011 until now, only 2 extremists were arrested and were never charged. They were only fined. My family misery was translated into revenue for state budget.

Now, I am waiting for financial ombudsman to find out why NAB is refusing to open Saving Account for my family. But if anyone will ask me the dumb question of where did all this radicalisation come from, he/she will receive unexpected answer.

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